Welcome to Poppies Bakery and Cafe! Here we focus on delicious, homemade food that everyone can enjoy. 

The inspiration behind our business is my Grandma Dot. She was the most loving, caring, and hilariously genuine woman in the world. She loved to bake more than anything and you could always find something fresh in her cookie jar. I grew up going to her house every Saturday morning and helping her around the house and eventually helping her bake all of her delicious treats; at the ripe age of 2, I was insistent on cracking all the eggs with no help whatsoever. Once I developed my love of baking I spent most of my free days dreaming of baking something or actually doing it with my grandmother or my father. 

This business is all dedicated to my Grandma Dot and we make everything with her and our customers in mind. We love to make others smile and food is, in my opinion, the best way to someone's heart.  

Our Story

1751 S 1100 E Salt Lake City, Utah 84105